On-Guard Tutorials for Residents

We have developed a couple of tutorials which should help you get familiar with the On-Guard Gate Access Security System. We ask that you go through the two tutorials so that you will be able to view and maintain your information. This will help the security personnel help you in making sure that your guests are treated royally.

In addition, we are also providing a tutorial on how to set up your Apple iPad and iPhone to be able to log into On-Guard and manage your data via these devices using a free app known as FileMaker Go.  The free app is available by going to the App Store on your devices.  Non-Apple devices that run on the Android operating system should use their Google Chrome browser to view and edit their data.

Log-In Tutorial​

Familiarization Tutorial

View the iPad / iPhone Setup

To view the Resident Log-In Tutorial, please click the button below.

For the Familiarization Tutorial, please click the button below.

View the tutorial to set up your Apple iPad or iPhone with FileMaker Go please press the click here button below.